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LiDAR and Terrain Services
IAGT offers a variety of LiDAR and terrain analysis services. To include FEMA compliant independent collection QA/QC and derived product development. IAGT has also pioneered options for freely available three dimensional viewing options for LIDAR and airphoto collections that offer an inexpensive and truly unique solution to making LiDAR data accessible to a large audience. For more information about IAGT’s LiDAR and Terrain Services, please visit our Terrain Products page.

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CSS-3D — Command Scene Support 3D

IAGT Technical Services, LLC, and its partner, Empowered Learning, Inc., are in the process of re-envisioning tabletop exercises as a visual training exercise application. Called CSS-3D, it is an application that is uniquely tailored to numerous scenarios.

CSS-3D exercises are self-contained events that a community can implement in a variety of settings. The exercises include goals and objectives, community and incident background, multi-media incident descriptions with 3-D maps and graphics, and evaluation instruments. Each package is complete, so an agency or community knows what to expect as an outcome of its staff investment. Exercise packages address response and recovery issues at both strategic and tactical levels of activity. Whether a single or multiple agency event, the goals and objectives, as well as the topic in each generic community event, concentrate participant activities toward identifiable skill sets.

Although a CSS-3D exercise can be run as a traditional, stand-along event, modular construction, allows Basic and Intermediate exercises to be implemented in chapters, each one taking about 15 to 20 minutes, so exercising can take place during regular staff meetings over several sessions. Exercises can be used anywhere a computer and monitor are available. Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced events are self-facilitating, and the exercises can be used by the agency or community with different audiences over several years.

CSS-3D exercises will be available for most agencies and levels of local response. This includes elected officials, traditional response agencies, public works managers, school executives, and hospital staff. Multiple agency events can include a mix of agencies and players.

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