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LiDAR and Terrain Services
IAGT offers a variety of LiDAR and terrain analysis services. To include FEMA compliant independent collection QA/QC and derived product development. IAGT has also pioneered options for freely available three dimensional viewing options for LIDAR and airphoto collections that offer an inexpensive and truly unique solution to making LiDAR data accessible to a large audience. For more information about IAGT’s LiDAR and Terrain Services, please visit our Terrain Products page.

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GIS, Site Analysis & Mapping

A Geographic Information System, or GIS, is any system used for capturing, storing, analyzing, managing and presenting data and associated attributes which are spatially referenced. GIS allows us to visualize things we can't see, helps us to recognize patterns, provides a way to assign and quantify value, and is an efficient form of data archiving and communication.

Today, GIS has evolved into a mainstream technology that can help people and organizations reduce costs, increase efficiency, improve the decision-making process and maintain information infrastructures that affect our everyday lives.

At IAGT, the practice of GIS includes the utilization of remotely sensed data like satellite or aerial imagery, GPS (Global Positioning System) data, and three-dimensional visualization tools. IAGT specializes in using all aspects of GIS to enhance, develop and implement custom geospatial tools and applications for a wide range of users.

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