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LiDAR and Terrain Services
IAGT offers a variety of LiDAR and terrain analysis services. To include FEMA compliant independent collection QA/QC and derived product development. IAGT has also pioneered options for freely available three dimensional viewing options for LIDAR and airphoto collections that offer an inexpensive and truly unique solution to making LiDAR data accessible to a large audience. For more information about IAGT’s LiDAR and Terrain Services, please visit our Terrain Products page.

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GIT Services

Core Technical Competencies

GIS Analysis, data processing and mapping using the full suite of ESRI software (e.g., ArcGIS, ArcIMS, etc.), MapInfo, AutoCAD and custom built in-house processing tools.

Remote Sensing, image processing and data analysis using ERDAS Imagine, ENVI, Feature Analyst, and in-house data production from IAGT’s MODIS Direct Broadcast and GOES systems.

Programming expertise and application development using Java, JavaScript, Visual Basic, C, AML, ArcObjects with VBA, ArcXML, Avenue, EASI/PACE, HTML, MapObjects, PCI/Spans Author, and PHP.

Web Development utilizing industry standard best-practices and current technologies, specializing in: ASP, ASP.NET, SQL, MySQL, VB, ColdFusion MX, XML, and DHTML.

Web Design encompassing tailored message implementation, user-friendly site architecture, and professional graphics creation.

3D Visualization design and development using Skyline Software, ArcGlobe and other emerging technologies.

Image Acquisition, Processing and Data Analysis:

Provide satellite and aerial imagery and LiDAR data processing services, image data collection planning and acquisition, and perform data evaluation, digitizing, mosaicking, conversion, spectral analysis, classification and feature extraction for development of mission critical information.

Spatial Analysis and Modeling:

Combine GIS data layers in various formats and perform complex spatial queries and modeling to apply to real world issues, such as natural resource and watershed management, viewshed analyses, environmental assessments, transportation studies, and map accuracy assessment.

Web Application Development:

Design, develop and install customized web-based solutions incorporating geo-data and analytical tools for GIS web-mapping and network deployable systems.

Programming and Application Development:

Build distinctive, end-user applications that meet the unique needs of the client, from the conceptual design phase to application release, which are tailored to support efficient daily operations and decision-making.

Education, Training and Curriculum Development

Provide hands-on training, create interactive educational materials, and develop lesson plans and curricula using state-of-the-art, geospatial technologies to promote the advancement and use of GIS throughout the business, education, and private sectors.

3D Visualization and Multi-media:

Create web-accessible, photo-realistic, interactive, 3D environments that include a variety of data sources, such as GIS layers, aerial and satellite imagery, digital elevation models, 2D and 3D objects, animated transportation models, textual/tabular data, labels, hotlinks, and overlays of real time data feeds from remote sensors or GPS based devices, to navigate, view, analyze and publish the 3D terrain.

Mapping and Cartography:

Design and publish high-quality, award-winning thematic maps that combine timely vector and raster data to clearly illustrate complex geospatial relationships, delivered in digital and large format hardcopy.

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